Project Management

For the facility owner and surety agent Shows Leary Project Management provides all of the services needed to insure a professionally managed project. Because of my availability on an as needed basis, I can come in on a project at the beginning and see it through completion, or when a bonding company needs to take over and staff a project to coordinate the completion of the project.

I often hear stories of conflict between contractors and building or home owners. The fact is, the minute you sign someone’s contract you are working for them on their terms and conditions. They should be working for you. The same rules and conventions that apply to multi million dollar commercial construction projects also apply to the residential and light commercial industry. With Shows Leary as your Project Manager, the contractors will be working for you. I will guide your project from the design team selection, Building Permit process, contractor selection, construction and final turnover. This service is not limited to large projects. Small jobs such as decks, painting, additions etc. can benefit from an experienced Project Manager.