Here's what people are saying about "The Footless Girls of Camp C"

  • Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2024

    First off - I know Shows Leary, he is a pretty straightforward guy and a pretty good musician.
    He sure can write. His account of his experiences before and after his big adventure in the tropics is damn good, obviously autobiographical, and rings very true. I am about the same age - so his memoirs from that era in Albany, in the Finger lakes, camping, and the late Vietnam era brought back my own memories of people, places, cars and food.
    His clandestine mission is unique among thriller or action stories, in that the point of view is that of a rookie who happens to bring a good skillset to the table. Action-adventure stories, whether true or fictitious, need to create a compelling vicarious experience for the reader. This he does, in some eccentric ways.
    Military missions require campcraft, campcraft requires discipline about sanitation, garbage, leaving tracks, health, hydration, as well as tactics, weapons and fighting skills. Shows is one of only writers I know of to dwell on the constant need to know where and how to "use the (non-existent) facilities" in the field.
    He does a good job of laying out the daily grind of moving 20 or so fighters through a jungle - form the navigators up front to the tail end guys brushing out the footprints and pulling down the trail markers.
    Shows claims this is a true story.
    Well maybe the big adventure part is, maybe not, but worth reading just to form an opinion.
    The moral questions about private forces killing people on contract loom large to me. There is a moral difference between a soldier on a mission and a mercenary killing for an unknown client.
    If he does a second edition - he needs to edit a couple of events that totally creep me out, are probably unintentional, and could be taken the wrong way. I am not giving details.
    All in all though a darn good effort. Hope he writes some more adventures.
  • Reviewed in the United States on April 5, 2024

    I bought my copy of this work from Shows Leary himself at an Art Gallery book signing event. I knew him only from his musical leadership and immense talent at that. I knew nothing about the story ahead of time.
    I read the book (3/17 to 4/4 2024): couple chapters per day with my first cup of coffee (4 to 5 or so A.M.) in a comfy, well-lit armchair. No distractions.
    I live alone and do my (book) reading aloud--to keep my own voice functional. So I've read this entire keenly organized and brilliantly and perceptively detailed heroic saga OUT LOUD. It's sensational!!
    How much of it is convincingly imaginative story telling? How much is an unforgettably riveting and specific memoir? I guess only Mr. Leary knows those percentages for certain.....
    I find the book unique, intense, very daunting to try to capsulize in a review--and, by the way, acutely cinematic in treatment!--and I highly recommend it!!
    It gave me a tremendous....BUZZ!!!
    I'm grateful to have encountered it.
    Love the book jacket art also!!
    George H. 4/5/24
  • 3/22/24. I'm about halfway through your book and I'm really enjoying it. What an amazing story! When you were telling me a little bit about it at Giuseppe's I think I had a skeptical look on my face and for that I apologize. I remember thinking what could be so important that you couldn't talk about it for 45 years. Now I understand. When I finish the book I'll give it to my son in Vermont. I think he'll like it. Nancy G, Poestenkill, NY.
  • 3/6/24 TFGOCC 518 spot review
  • “I read your book and couldn’t put it down!! I found it fascinating and crazy AF. Now I need to see if I can go crook a deer!” John W, Cambridge, NY.
  • “I definitely want to see the movie some day.” Peter SG, Averill Park, NY.
  • “I sat down to read this book and couldn’t stop. I read it straight through in three and a half hours. It’s a page turner and a wild adventure.” Mike C. Colonie, NY
  • 2/2/24. I have seen the author read from the book and I was completely mesmerized and entertained and thought provoked! Highly recommended. Suzanne B, Troy, NY.
  • 1/23/24. This story grabbed my attention from the get-go. The drudgery of life in the jungle while waiting was sometimes hard to get through, but I think that was the point. I couldn’t wait to find out what happens and had to stop myself from just skimming the pages and looking ahead. I loved the will he or won’t he ending. Maggie C, Hebron, NY.
  • “Your story was a really good read. It sucked me in and didn’t let go for three days. Now I have to read it again, soon.” Joseph K, Rochester, NY.
  • “This book had me by the second page. Read the whole story within 48 hours. I could not stop myself.” Bobbie K. Chili, NY.
  • Dramatic reading of this high impact experience which kind and gentle Shows Leary shares from his unlocked history, explicit material, be forewarned, well written and delivered. 344 2nd Street. Troy, NY
  • 1/26/24. Fabulous read. Can’t put the book down. Can’t wait for the movie. Anonymous.