2/2/24. How to leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads for The Footless Girls Of Camp C.

2/2/24. Shows is blown away by the response from readers of his book, The Footless Girls Of Camp C. One of the more common comments is “How do I leave a great review?”
As follows are step-by-step directions to leave a review on both Amazon and Goodreads.
To give a review on Amazon you need an account and to have made at least one purchase. If you do not have an account, or don’t want to sign up for one or make a purchase, go to Goodreads, or leave a review on both formats.
Go to Amazon.com
1-On Amazon, sign into your account.
2-In the Amazon search bar type in ‘the footless girls of camp c’ (without the quote marks)
3-Click the highlighted words ‘The Footless Girls Of Camp C’ scroll to the bottom of the page to Product Details
4-Where it says customer reviews click on the blue font that says a number of ratings
5-The review page will open.
6-On the left side of the page you will be able to write your review.
To give a Goodreads review.
1-Go to goodreads.com
2-Either sign up with email or sign in with an amazon, apple or your google account.
3-If you are already a member of Goodreads, log in.
4-In the title bar on the Goodreads home page type in ‘the footless girls of camp c.’ (without the quote marks)
5-You will arrive at the book’s page.
6-Scroll to the bottom to write a review
Shows appreciates it so much that you would consider making a review of his book. That is the number two driving force, beside sales, that pushes Amazon and Goodreads to promote his work.