3/28/24. The Footless Girls Of Camp C audiobook update.

3/28/24. Shows is at Mountaintop Studio on top of Petersburg to work on his audiobook version of “The Footless Girls Of Camp C.” Within the last several weeks Joel Patterson and Shows have recorded chapters 1 through 14. The platoon has been dropped off in the jungle and they are ready to rumble.
Shows is thrilled how this work is coming out and is so grateful to all of the folks attending the 344 2nd Street Open Mic on the first Sunday of each month and encouraged him in this endeavor by cheering him on with his book readings. He had no idea he could bring his book to life in this vocal manner. The story is compelling and he has the ability to bring all of the dialects and accents to life. Joel had a fantastic idea on how to bring the narrator’s thoughts to life for the listener in a spellbinding and mysterious manner.
If you have a band, or are an audio artist, Joel is your guy for the best audio and video production. He has a perfect studio to work in with several isolation booths and all of the DAW and electronics gear you need. Check him out at www.joelpatterson.us