6/15/24. TFGOCC audiobook news

6/14/24. Mountaintop Studio is so sweet this time of year. Perched high in the mountains of Petersburg and rain slapping the roof, Shows hooks up with Joel Patterson for the final tweaks, hopefully, to the audiobook version of The Footless Girls Of Camp C. 


This 21 hour epic telling of Shows’ book is in the can and ready to send out for publication soon. The tale is told, 36 different voices, the musical interludes are oh so sweet and John Cehowski’s song, If We Could Only, fits right in as the story concludes.


Kudos and thanks to Joel for his diligent effort in the production of this book. It would not be where it is without his DAW mastery and recommendations. If you have any musical, video or audio needs for your project, Joel is your guy. Get him on board and do your thing in a relaxing studio and with a technical wizard at your side.