6/2/24. Reading from The Footless Girls Of Camp C about tattoos.

6/2/24. Shows is rizzed to be able to perform another reading from The Footless Girls Of Camp C. He is at 344 2nd Street All Orignal Open Mic.

Tonight’s topic is tattoos. Tats feature prominently in military life. One often misunderstood reason is that they help to identify someone if, you know, they don’t make it and get mangled somehow. Besides that they are cool AF and lend a bit of individuality to life that is otherwise rigid and conforming.

Shows went through the book and found every instance of tattoo references. He did not have a tattoo during the mission and he was envious of what he saw. Throughout the book he ponders what he would like and where he might want it. He comes to a conclusion near the end of the book…and amazingly, he was able to bring his design to fruition not too long after returning to the states.

Check out the reading below and the photo of his tattoo. Not the most amazing tat ever, but well thought out and symbolic, at least in his mind.


https://youtu.be/0rx4tyiYfzY click this link for the video on YouTube.