5/16/24. Audiobook update – music added.

5/16/24. Another excellent recording session at Mountaintop Studio for “The Footless Girls Of Camp C”.

First, Joel and Shows meet up to finalize the scope of the tweaks needed for the recording and complete the re-records of Shows’ speaking errors. Now Joel has to complete the tweaks.

Secondly, they get to work with local musician John Cehowski. John is a multi-instrumentalist performer who wrote a song titled “If We Could Only”

When Shows heard John perform that song a couple of months ago it made him cry and he knew it would be a perfect fit into the audiobook somewhere. After some discussion with Joel and John, they found the perfect way to use the song, which coincidentally reflects on one the the sadder themes of the book.

John, using a midi-keyboard, played the instrumental part in two takes. Then he sang the song in three takes. Then he added a two-take string version of the song, again played on midi-keyboard. What a pro! That song will tear your heart out.

Shows is looking forward to releasing his work on audiobook sometime this summer.